Esperanza Natural By PT’s Coffee Roasting

Name: Esperanza Natural

Roasting House: PT’s Coffee Roasting


Origin: Granja La Esperanza, Colombia

Roast Type: Light

Cost: $18 for 340 grams or $117 for 5 lbs

Cost Per Gram: 5.3¢ or 5.2¢

In this review we showcase a wonderful little coffee grown high in the mountains of Colombia. A beautiful light roast with predominant notes of cherry and milk chocolate. It has a satin smooth body high in acidity, which produces a fantastic blend of black cherry and blackberry flavors. The high amount of tartaric acid imparts a noticeable red wine quality to the coffee as well. In the finish, we are once again treated to a rich chocolate fudge aftertaste.

This farm is one of the best we’ve come across thus far. Granja La Esperanza has received full certification from the Rainforest Alliance recognizing their dedication to sustainable farming practices. They produce their own fertilizer, which is totally free of chemicals as well as vermiculture which is highly beneficial to the native vegetation. This is in part the reason for the high sugar content in the coffee cherries according to the growers.

What can I say about PT’s brewer I haven’t already said? They are a magnificent roasting house, and one of my first options when purchasing my own coffee. Their website is frills free, and highly intuitive. They accept all major credit cards and even feature a subscription programs to ensure you’re never left without your favorite brew.

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