Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy outlines how will and will not use the data it collects from users who visit the website. Every part of this policy applies to Visitors as well as Subscribers to offered mailing  and notification lists.

Personally Identifiable Data 

Simply visiting this website does not require ANY personally identifiable information of any kind. However, Visitors might be asked for a name and contact email address when they, register, contribute, or subscribe to a newsletter or YouTube channel. A User will be asked for an email address when using the Contact Us form. Otherwise, all Visitors reserve the right to browse all of the public website pages anonymously. All Visitors also reserve the right to refrain from participating in any form of registration that requires a name or contact method.

Non Personally Identifiable Data

Website statistic tools may collect some non-identifiable data such as your internet IP address, web browser, operating system, time, date and duration of your visit, etc. The website also uses cookies to provide a better user experience to Visitors. We do not share, sell or disclose any of this data with any third parties.

Web browser cookies

This WordPress website uses cookies that are saved on a Visitor’s device. Browsers use these cookies to track and save data, and provide enhanced functionality throughout your visit. Turning cookies off completely could cause some of the pages to stop working or display incorrectly. These cookies in no way affect anything but the way you interact with our website.

How is collected data used does not, and will never share, sell, disclose, publish, or otherwise disseminate any of the collected meta-data or identifiable data it collects through forms, cookies, or website statistic tools.  We do not believe in spam and sharing contact information only promotes it. Statistical data may be viewed and used as a representation of growth in visitors and views, but it is never used further for any alternative purposes.

Email subscription lists

Visitors that sign-up to a mailing or notification list offered on one of our pages may be contacted with special offers, contests, price deals, or simple news and updates related to the coffee content found on this website. YouTube users may also receive updates when new videos are uploaded to our channel.

Visitors may opt-out of notifications and mailing lists at any time by following the opt-out option found below every communication sent out. If a Visitor has any trouble opting out, or has any questions about this, please contact us.

Third party links and websites

This website contains links to third party websites and content to which we have no control or ownership. These websites and services have their own privacy policies and user agreements independent from our website. We do our very best diligence to never link to questionable or dangerous websites, but we cannot guarantee any external content to remain static, safe, or continue to host ethical policies. If you ever come across broken or questionable content links, please contact us so that we can remove them. Some of our content is also hosted by third-party partners such as YouTube, and other video platforms. Independent user agreements and privacy policies also apply when subscribing under any of these platforms.

Advertising and Affiliate Disclosure

It is possible to see some ads on the website that also apply user cookies to collect Visitor data. These privacy policies are independent from ours, such as Google AdSense. We likewise have no editorial control over the content of said ads.

We also get a small amount of revenue from shopping links to affiliate partners such as Amazon. If you click on a shopping link from this website, it is possible that the link will provide us with a small contribution from any sale generated at no extra cost to you. We will simply get a small kickback from Amazon’s profits. This is a way to support our authors without bombarding users with ads, all while keeping a completely neutral stance on what the Visitor decides to purchase. To learn more, please visit our About Us page and see – How Your Visits Help Us section.

Privacy Policy Updates

Any and all policies listed here may be updated at anytime necessary. It is our goal to remain transparent and clear to our Visitors. We do not wish to engage in any practices that could cause a negative user experience. In order to provide better transparency, all historical changes made to this policy will permanently be listed and detailed below.

No Changes made since: April 8th, 2018.

Accepting or Declining Policy

As a Visitor, if you decide to continue browsing as a user, you are agreeing to this policy it its’ entirety. If you do not agree with any section of this policy, please do not visit this website.