How to Make Cafe Macchiato

The Caffe Macchiato is the last in our series of milk inspired how to’s. This traditional drink is very popular in Italy though it’s popularity has waned here in America in comparison to it’s more famous cousins, The Latte, The Cappuccino, and The Café au Lait. While the latter will be most recognizable to most, they are not to be undone by The Macchiato. If you’re like me, those other drinks are just too diluted to be drank on a consistent basis. I want a cup of coffee, not a cup of milk right? The Macchiato can be wonderful way to incorporate some milk into you beverage while still retaining the flavoring of the coffee. For this reason, I often like to use high quality coffees to make my macchiatos as the coffee tends to be the star of the show, rather than the milk.

How to Make a Caffe Macchiato – Step by Step Instructions

  1. Make an Espresso: You’ll need to start by making an ordinary espresso. See our full article for tips and tricks on making the perfect espresso.
  2. Prepare the Milk: Using a milk frother or the frothing wand on your espresso maker, begin to froth some milk. Remember that we won’t be using any liquid milk at all, just the milk foam, so you don’t need to put in a huge amount of milk. If you don’t have a frother you can easily do it yourself using a mason jar, and your microwave.
  3. Add the Milk Foam: Once you have an extra thick milk foam, tap the container holding the milk onto a flat surface a few times to allow all the larger bubbles to pop. This will leave you with an ultra dense foam known as micro foam. Add a dollop of microfoam to the center of the macchiato and serve immediately.


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