How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

How To Make Bullet Proof Coffee

Lately, I’ve been trying out the Keto diet. If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge, let me tell you… It can be incredibly difficult to stick to, but those who do find the results they receive mind blowing! I’ve been doing it for some time and nothing has helped me out more than my Keto / Bullet Proof Coffee. Essentially, this is just your regular morning coffee fortified with lots of healthy fats, and a special kind of fat known as MCT oils (Medium Chain Tryglyceride). Check out our whole primer on the Keto diet here. If you’re already up to date on all the details, and have decided to give it a try (I highly recommend it) read on for step by step instructions.

How to Brew BulletProof Coffee – Step by Step Instructions

1 – Make a normal cup of coffee: Pick your favorite coffee beans, and brew type, and brew them as you normally would for any other cup of coffee. Keep in mind that cold brew methods are not ideal as the oil disperses better in a hot liquid.

2 – Use a Blender! Once you have a nice hot coffee, throw it into a blender. Make sure your blender is suitable for hot drinks.

3 – Add your favorite MCT oil: These can easily be found on Amazon and other online retailers. Look for Oil that contains C8, C10, and C12 if possible. Also try to find one that’s high in C8 and C10 as those are the rarer MCTs, while C12 is readily available in regular Coconut oil. Remember to start of slowly to avoid an upset stomach.

4 – Add butter: Some people swear by using all natural grass fed butter, but I just use the regular stuff. This kicks up the fat content and keeps you feeling fuller, longer once the MCTs have been spent.

5 – *Optional* Add some coconut oil: I used to put a lot of sugar in my coffee. If you’re like me, getting used to the taste of black coffee may be a hard sell. I found that adding coconut oil to my morning cup gave it a nice little coconut flavor which was really satisfying in the absence of sugar! And I don’t even like coconut typically! This could also be a good way to add some Lauric acid if the MCT oil you used in step 3 only had C8 and C10.

6 – *Optional* Add cream: Many sources claim that this can actually hinder some of the benefits of keto coffee. I personally stopped adding cream as I find the butter and coconut oil making it more than creamy enough. If you’re absolutely determined to add cream you should add the highest fat cream you can tolerate.

7 – Blend it up!: This is a critical step. Most people ignore this at first and just end up with a big oil slick at the top of their cup. Stirring with a spoon just isn’t enough to get this oil to integrate well with the coffee. Blending it ensure you have a nicely mixed cup of Bulletproof coffee! I have a small, one serving glass blender that use pretty much exclusively for my morning coffee.

8 – Enjoy!: Remember not to drink too quickly or you might get an upset stomach. Monitor how you’re feeling as you work through your cup, especially in the first couple of days.

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