Puna Natural By Big Island Coffee Roasters

Name: Puna Natural

Roasting House: Big Island Coffee Roasters

Website: bigislandcoffeeroasters.com

Origin: Puna District, Big Island of Hawaii

Roast Type: Medium

Cost: $29 for 385 grams

Cost Per Gram: 7.5¢

Today we profile a coffee from one of the world’s premier coffee roasters, Big Island Coffee Roasters. This particular blend is a naturally processed coffee. What does that mean exactly? It means that the coffee cherry is allowed to dry naturally within the cherry husk for several months. This in turn imparts abundant sweetness reminiscent of popular dried fruits such as apricot and raisins. This is in contrast to “washed” coffee cherries which are removed from the cherry husk before drying. The flavor profile is filled out with noticeable hints of brandy, vanilla, and strawberry before making way to subtle undertones of lavender, thyme, and nougat, but predominantly, lime. It is smooth, even bodied medium roast, that is truly able to marry the natural aromas of a light roast, with the sweet caramelization of the roast.

Big Island Coffee Roasters is perhaps the most widely known American Coffee Producer. Situated on the Big Island of Hawaii, the volcanic soils ensure that you’re never disappointed with one of their products. This particular bean was formerly only available to their “Wild Hawaiian Coffee Club Members” but has been made available online for a limited run. The website is a joy to use, and accepts all major credit cards. While you’re able to sign out as a guest, I recommend that you sign up for an account so you can favorite all of your favorite blends.

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