El Socorro Maracaturra Guatemala by PT’s Coffee Roasting

Name: El Socorro Maracaturra

Roasting House: PT’s Coffee Roasting

Website: ptscoffee.com

Origin: Finca El Socorro, Guatemala

Roast Type: Light

Cost: $20 for 340 grams or $130 for 5 lbs

Cost Per Gram: 5.9¢ or 5.7¢

Another wonderful coffee grown at high elevations (5750 feet). It’s not secret that I am a fan of light roasts due to their complex flavor profiles and this is among one of the best I’ve ever had. This unique bean is an uncommon hybrid of two more common beans which gives it many of it’s unique characteristics

The beans heavily feature a floral aroma reminiscent of orange blossom. Once brewed, the coffee has predominant notes of grapefruit and honey, while producing a sweetness that reminds me of honeydew melon. The finish is rounded out with balanced notes of caramel and candied almond. It has a silky smooth body, and the acidity really sparkles as it passes over your tongue.

PT’s coffee if a roasting house we’ve featured numerous times on our site. They’re a favorite of our given their extremely high quality coffee and ethical sourcing techniques. Many of their blends are direct trade, meaning they benefit the coffee farmers directly rather than some middleman in the supply chain. The website is great and accepts all major credit cards.

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