Gesha Bench Maji By Dragonfly Coffee Roasters

Name: Gesha Bench Maji
Roasting House: Dragonfly Coffee Roasters
Origin: Gesha Village Estate, Ethiopia
Type: Medium – Light
Cost: $49.5 for 227 grams
Cost Per Gram: 21.8¢

This is another great coffee from one of my favorite producers, Dargonfly Coffee Roasters. This time, we profile a robust Ethiopian blend from the Gesha Village. It produced a very refined Medium-Light which is actually much closer to a medium than a light. It is a delicate balance of flavors which shows you hints of the light roast with tart sweetness composed of tangerine and jasmine before the flavors of the roast come flooding in. The roast has imparted noticeable overtones of Cocoa and Maple Syrup before the ample bodied coffee finishes with a re-emergence of the citru;s which is this times somewhat muted by the lingering cocoa.

While Dragonfly produces a host of fine coffees, their website leaves a little something to be desired. On several occasions, we have come across broken links and blank pages. With that said, the checkout process is simple and streamlined; plus we’ve never had an issue receiving our order.

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