Kenya Ndaroini AA by Dragonfly Coffee Roasters

Name: Kamagogo Kenya

Roasting House: Dragonfly Coffee Roasters


Origin: South Central Kenya

Roast Type: Medium

Cost: $20.00 for 340 grams

Cost Per Gram: 5.9ยข

A great coffee from Kenya which produces an incredibly complex flavor characterized by Dark Chocolate, Molasses, and Black Cherry. Once the initial flavor has passed you are greeted with a slightly tart aftertaste reminiscent of cranberry or tamarind. It is a multifaceted coffee whose high acidity content makes for an incredibly full-bodied experience particularly for a medium roast. The flavor profile is rounded out at the back end with a re-emergence of the dark chocolate, this time accompanied by hints of coconut. The coffee is so velvety smooth as it goes down that I often forgo my typical addition of cream. This coffee is equally suited for a quick cup on your way to work, or lounging about on a lazy summer Saturday.

The website for Dragonfly coffee is a little clunky, and we were often met with blank pages. With that said, the purchasing pages typically work great, the checkout process is a breeze, and they accept all major credit cards in addition to paypal.

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