Guatemala Finca Cappuccino Echo-Lot Espresso By Kakalove Cafe

Name: Guatemala Finca Cappuccino “Echo-Lot” Espresso

Roasting House: Kakalove Cafe


Origin: Cobán region, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

Type: Medium – Light

Cost: NT$450 (14.81 USD at the time of Writing) for 454 grams

Cost Per Gram: 3.3¢

When this came by my desk I was ecstatic to try out a new offering from Kaklove Café, which was a previously unknown roaster to me. This one, once again, did not disappoint, cementing Kakalove as one of my new favorite roasting houses. This Medium – Light roast features deeply floral and citrusy undertones which are a surprisingly good compliment to the full bodied, chocolatey overtones which are the predominant flavor profile. With that said, there are still refreshing hints of citrus and tropical fruits like blood orange, and passion fruit but clearly the roast is the star of the show here producing rich caramelization, abundant sweetness, and a full bodied, yet slightly tart finish.

While Kakalove may be one of my new favorite roasters, it’s certainly not one of my favorite sites. It appears clunky, as though it hasn’t been updated for some time. The problems are exacerbated because the site is only partially translated, with Taiwanese strewn about throughout. In fairness though, this is the second time we’ve ordered from them and we haven’t had an issue either time.

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