Nespresso D300 Review

The D300 is one of Nespresso’s classic line machines. All of the classics employ the capsule system which uses the latest technology to prepare your drink and automatically adjust all the parameters that impact the flavour of the coffee to their ideal settings. This ensures that you get consistently good shots of espresso each time.

The designing of the machine is fairly basic with box shaped lines yet it gives a very sleek, timeless look. There are only a few buttons you need to deal with to get an outstanding cup of coffee, but rest assured the functionality of the unit does not lack in any way.


The machine is beautifully accented with metallic tones, and measures nearly 11 X 9 X 11 inches. It leaves a fairly small footprint on the counter.  The automation of the machine is so sophisticated that it even lets you pick the quantity of coffee in your cup. You have the option of choosing between single or double shot. You only press the one button for your choice; the machine decides when the brewing is completed.

You can program customised settings for your coffee strength. Furthermore, there is an automatic on/off switch which keeps energy wastage in check, digital display language change, water hardness level indicator so scaling can be kept in check. You can test the water yourself with the test strip which comes with the unit. Descaling the machine in a timely way can definitely prolong the life of the unit.

Milk steaming/frothing wand also doubles as a hot water dispenser for beverages like hot chocolate or tea. This eliminates the need for an electric kettle and leaves more counter space for other things.

The D300 employs a thermoblock heating feature which ensures the heating of the water between 187 and 196 this is the temperature recommended by experts for perfect extraction. The nineteen bars of pressure created in the unit further ensures that extraction is absolutely perfect.  The extra water is emptied out after each extraction, so each preparation gets fresh water.


  • The good points of the D300 include the speed with which it delivers the shots of espresso, nominal cleaning and consistently good results.


  • The negatives include the fact that it is an expensive machine, so if you want your money’s worth you better be using it a lot! Keep in mind that the pump is noisy, but the fact that it produces a shot of espresso in a matter of seconds, the noise is not a major problem and within tolerance range. Lastly, it only uses Nespresso pods and off-course the fact that you can’t use your own grinds, nor are there any reusable pods available yet.

Final Word:

If you just want your coffee without any fuss or mess, you have no desire to deal with the grinds, temperature, length of extraction etc. Then this is the right machine for you. It is a quality product that delivers.

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