Best 14 & 16 Cup Coffee Makers

Not long ago when the need to purchase a coffee maker arose, the choice was simple. However, with the rise in the popularity of gourmet or specialty coffee shops, coffee makers have also become progressively more complex and the variety available in the market has increased exponentially. Choices range from single serve machines using K-Cups or pods, to espresso makers, Pour-over coffee makers, French presses, Chemex, Moka Pots, Percolators and last but not the least the standard drip coffee maker!

For large families or in office environment the drip coffee machine is the most cost effective, fast and convenient way to brew a great tasting cup of Java. The drip machine allows you to use a larger variety of coffee blends, customize settings on the machine and serve loads of coffee with speed. The maintenance tends to be minimal, which is a major factor, considering the busy lifestyles we all lead. While the number of people requiring a very large capacity machine may not be a lot, the good thing about many of these super-sized coffee makers is that smaller quantities of coffee can also be brewed with many models.

Cuisinart DCC-3200 AMZ 14-Cup Glass Carafe:

The people at Cuisinart have managed to design a coffee maker that is both easy on the pocket, but still offers the programming capabilities that matter. It is fully programmable with 24 hour timer. There is the option of choosing between bold or regular strength coffee, and in case you are the forgetful kind, fortunately the auto shutoff with up to four hour delay with come into play. The carcoal filter ensures that you get the best tasting cup possible. The pause brew function allows you to grab a cup in mid brew and you can brew small quantity, up to four cups or go for the full load of 14 cups. The DCC-3200 has a permanent filter so no need to purchase the paper filters that absorb a lot of the delicious flavour of your coffee.

Using the Cuisinart DCC-3200 is fairly simple. The LCD display with back light gives the machine a distinguished look and makes use of buttons in the dark very easy. The size of the buttons is just right and can be operated by intuition. Water reservoir is situated at the top of the unit, above the display panel, so it is easy enough to refill. Deep cleaning the coffee maker is a breeze. All you have to do is make a 50:50 ratio solution of water and vinegar, add to the reservoir, press the Self Clean button and the machine does the rest! All removable parts like the filter, its holder and the carafe are dishwasher safe.

KitchenAid KCM1402CU Coffee Maker:

This 14 cup capacity coffee maker is very stylish and comes with plenty of features. Constructed mainly from plastic with contour silver finish, and a glass flask, it has a sturdy look to it. The permanent gold tone filter, water filter, and a coffee scoop are a part of the purchase package.

The removable water tank, like the one in this machine is an uncommon feature in drip coffee makers. The water reservoir is clearly marked with water levels and is easier to refill from the water source due to its detachable feature. The glass carafe with 14 cup capacity carafe has a spout that is nice and deep, which prevents dripping when pouring into the cup. The soft grip handle makes it easy to lift the large carafe.

The KitchenAid KCM1402CU is equipped with twenty four hour programmability in addition to automatic shut off feature. The grounds are presoaked to ensure maximum extraction of all the delicious flavors. Additionally the 1 to 4 cup brewing modifies the brewing process and adjusts the water level for maximum flavor extraction even in small quantities. The pause and serve will allow you to grab a cup in mid brew.

Cleaning this machine requires the minimal effort. The built-in alarm will alert you when cleaning is required and the clean mode can then be used to carry out descaling. Filters are dishwasher safe provide they are placed on the topmost rack.

De’Longhi DC514T Stainless Steel 14-Cup Drip Coffee Maker:

This large, 70 ounce (14 cup) capacity drip coffee maker from De’Longhi is equipped with a “Freshness Indicator” that lets you know how long the coffee has been sitting in the pot after being brewed. This way you are sure never to end up with a stale cup of Jave. Another interesting feature in this machine is the Aroma Button. This special feature releases small amounts of water in 30 second intervals to saturate the grounds before full brewing. This method ensures maximum extraction of flavors and aroma from the grounds. The advance filtration system ensures that best quality of water is used in brewing your coffee, minus the bad taste that comes with chlorinated water. The design of the permanent gold-tone filter is such that even the very fine grounds are kept in place, so you get only the clear delicious coffee in your cup.


If you drink a lot of coffee, then the large capacity drip coffee makers can be very handy. They are loaded with many fine features, easy to use and maintain and very competitive in price.

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