Best 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Starting the day without first downing that steaming hot cup of Joe is next to impossible for many people. While many of us are willing to line up, and pay a sky high price every morning to get our fix, others know that getting a consistently fantastic cup of coffee does not require such extremes.

It is possible to get a great tasting cup of coffee form a simple coffee maker that does not have too many features. Of course conveniences like strength adjustment, thermal carafe, and programmability do give you more control over the coffee made and make the machine easier to use, but they also cost extra and there will be many features that you may never use. There is a large selection of coffee makers ranging in price from the bare minimum to very expensive. The best coffee maker is the one that matches your coffee drinking habits and fits your budget.

One of the most important points to keep in mind when looking for a new coffee maker is the size. Now there may not be a lot of coffee drinkers in your house, but if you drink a lot of coffee, you may be better of purchasing a larger machine. Also it must be kept in mind that almost all coffee machines count 6 ounces as one cup and not the 8 ounce mug most of are in the habit of consuming. Many of us also enjoy taking a travel mug for the road, which are usually 12 or even 16 ounces. Hence, the need for a large sized coffee maker. Here are some of the best twelve cup coffee makers.

Black & Decker 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker:

One of the best things about this coffee maker, other than the fact that it makes great tasting coffee, is that it is cost effective and has some nice features. The automatic timer allows you to set the time when you want your brew ready in the morning. There is even an automatic shut-off, in-case you forget in the morning rush. Finally if you are the impatient type, then there is the Sneak-A-Cup facet that allows you to grab your cup in mid brew. The machine is simple to run, requiring almost no time to master its use. The carafe is made of nice thick glass giving it a sturdy feel. This quality coffee maker even comes with a two year warranty.

Cuisinart DCC-2650 Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker:

The DCC-2650 brews twelve cups in roughly six minutes using its Extreme Brew Technology. Featuring automatic shut-off, 24 hour programming and borosilicate carafe, this machine has a lot to offer. The strength control feature allows you to select how strong you want your brew to be, options allow you to choose between bold and regular. Coffee is mostly water, and the best tasting cup of coffee begins with good quality water. The folks at Cuisinart have added a charcoal filter to ensure that only the best quality water is used in making the coffee. The machine is also equipped with a permanent gold tone filter.

While equipped with some of the most advanced technology, using the Cuisinart DCC-2650 is simple, requiring hardly any learning curve. The machine is well constructed and the self-cleaning feature makes maintenance easy. The one issue is that the coffee does not come as hot as some people may like. So if you like your coffee really hot, this machine may not be the best choice for you.

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker 49467 Review:

This is one very functional coffee maker as it only offers the features most people actually use leaving all the frivolous stuff out. It offers a programmable timer so coffee is ready when they want it. It also has auto shut-off and pause & brew. The additional benefit of fewer bells and whistles means fewer things that can go wrong. There is an option of using disposable filter or a permanent filter can also be used. The best thing about the coffee maker is that it makes nice hot coffee. The temperature is maintained at 196°F for some time so the whole pot can be enjoyed before going.

Due to the few features, the using the coffee maker is really simple. In fact, the owner’s manual is barely required. The push buttons on the touch-screen are appropriately sized and convenient to use. The carafe, permanent filter and the filter basket are dishwasher safe.
OXO On 12 Cup Coffee Maker & Brewing System: Copying the methodology of manual pour over method, this coffee maker allows the grounds by sporadically pouring water over them. The shower head is designed to distribute water evenly over the grounds, so they can bloom evenly. The other interesting feature of this machine is the fact that it comes with two carafes. There is a thermal carafe for brewing coffee and a borosilicate glass kettle that is to be used for heating water. The thermal carafe is equipped with a mixing tube which blends the coffee in the carafe thereby standardizing the strength of the coffee in the flask. There are independent settings of Coffee/Tea which provide more control over temperature. This means the optimum flavor of the tea or coffee is not undermined due to using water that is too hot or not hot enough for the given purpose.

The range for heating water is tea is 175-212ºF while for coffee it is 197.6-204.8ºF. The freshness timer keeps track of how long since the coffee in the flask finished brewing, ensuring that you don’t end up with a stale cup. The intelligent micro compressor guarantees perfect brewing temperature, volume of water and amount of time for extraction, so you get the best tasting cup of coffee.

For all its plus points the OXO On 12 Cup Coffee Maker & Brewing System and a few glitches that may not suit everyone. First the kettle and carafe are not dishwasher safe, meaning they must be hand washed! Next, you must brew a minimum of four cups at a time. So if you only need a single cup, other arrangements will have to be made. Finally, the machine is rather wide and for someone with space limitations, it might be a problem. None of these are major issues, but must be taken into consideration when in the market for a new coffee maker.


Large coffee makers are a great convenience if you have many coffee drinkers in a household, or have company over frequently. There is a large selection to choose from, each offering a variety of features. Just decide which features best suit your individual needs then find a coffee maker that have the desired features.

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