Nespresso U C50 Review

 Ideal for use by a few people or individuals, the U series of coffee makers by Nespresso offers convenience, ease of use and a budget friendly option for a quality cup of coffee. Offering almost all the major benefits of the larger, more expensive machines, this beautifully designed; handy coffee maker is constructed using premium quality materials that are durable.


The Series: With an approximate size of 4.6 X 9.9 X 14.2 inches (11.5 x 25.1 x 36 cm), the U C50, is one of the several U series of machines offered by Nespesso. The other models in the series include the U D50 and D55. The C50 and D50 are exactly the same in terms of functionality, the only difference being the shape of the sprout and color choice. The D50 is available in black and orange while the C50 in cream and grey. The third machine in the series is the D55, also known as UMilk, due to its built-in milk frother. This is something both the C50 and D50 lack.

Specifications: Capable of delivering 8 to 11 cups of coffee and taking just 25 seconds to heat the water for each drink, the C50 is a handy unit weighing only 3 kilograms. The automatic programming allows the unit to puncture the capsule, brew the coffee and eject the used capsule all with the selection of a single button while delivering a great cup of brew.

The C50 brews coffee at a pressure of 19 bars. This is compatible with most high end, expensive machines housing pumps that force water through the grounds for optimal extraction. The built-in anti-drip utility ensures no spilling thereby minimizing cleaning and the 180 degree rotation allows you to access your drink from any convenient angle. The automatic shut off after nine minutes of idling aids in conserving power. For added convenience there is a used capsule dispenser with the capacity to house a dozen used capsules and light indicators for empty water tank and full dispenser.

Special Features: The C50 comes with a few unique and interesting features:

  • The first among them is the flexibility of the 0.8 liter (27 ounce) water tank. It can be placed along the side of the unit rather than behind should you have space constraints. The removable drip tray allows for extra space to accommodate larger mug/travel cup.
  • A second futuristic feature allows you to swipe your hand above the top of the machine to bring it to life. This cool characteristic turns the unit on and the three espresso, lungo and ristretto selection buttons are now ready for your command.
  • Finally the system commits the drink you select most frequently to memory and dispenses them by default. This is convenient for those of us who are creatures of habit.

Additional Accessories: for those of us who love gadgets that make life easier and fun, Nepresso offers some interesting add-ons for the U series of coffee makers. A compartmentalized magnetic attachment that can be hooked to your machines provides tidy space for holding spoons and sugar right next to the unit. This is especially convenient for an office like environment.  A U-Carry bag, having a magnetic catch allows for easy transport of the unit without allowing it to be knocked about.


The Nespresso C50 is programmed to produce three different types of drinks, namely espresso, lungo & ristretto. While the precise definition of the terms varies depending on where you are getting your drink from, typically the lungo is described as stretching the espresso. This means, it contains twice the amount of water as a single shot of espresso. However, the extra water is not added to the shot of espresso as an afterthought, instead the total quantity of water in the lungo is brewed. The ristretto is at the other end in terms of quantity of water, it contains roughly half the quantity of water as that that found in one shot of espresso.

There are 16 types of authentic coffee capsules produced by the company that are compatible with Nespresso coffee makers. With a choice of coffees so wide, it may be difficult figuring out which ones you will enjoy. The below defined guidelines will help you decide where to start.  The Espresso collection of capsules is essentially made up of traditional coffees that majority of the people drink. Nespresso provides six variations in the collection that composed of coffee blends from differing origins.  The Pure Origin collection is also made up basically of espresso coffees, except these capsules contain coffees originating from one place making them special. The three varieties in Lungo capsules are designed to deliver longer shots of coffee, and finally there are the three different taste and intensities of the Decaffeinato capsules. Nespresso also occasionally releases new flavors.

Final Word:

The C50 is a handy little coffee maker that is easy on the pocket and provides a good cup of coffee. The compact, chic design makes it ideal for small spaces and it looks good sitting there. Finally it is backed by Nespresso’s vast customer support services for trouble shooting should you experience any problems.


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