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Over the past few months, I’ve been tasting a lot of coffee. A LOT of coffee. But in all that time there is one coffee roaster that has come to the forefront and may have just claimed the status as my coffee roasting house. They are PT’s Coffee Roasting and the truth is, it’s about so much more than their coffee.

I could go on and on about how great their coffees are, and they are great! But that’s not really what this profile is about; they are already well represented within our coffee reviews and I encourage you to go take a look at a few if you need convincing. What really drew me to them is the story behind the coffee. I love to go read up about the individual farms my coffee beans have been sourced from. I love to read about the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation farmers who grew up on, and eventually inherited the farms of their fathers and uncles; presumably with a wealth of coffee growing knowledge being part of the deal.

And let it not be understated how great it is that most of their coffees are direct trade. Direct trade, for those of you who are unfamiliar is when companies deal directly with the coffee cultivators rather than using large multinationals as middlemen. This ensures that farmers and labourers get more decision-making power in how the farm is to be run, which in turn leads to high wages. An actual living wage for a hard days work is something no one should have to go without. While we do have coffee production and pricing quotas in place internationally, there are some who have very vocal criticisms that the current measure do not go far enough. Those argument are not without merit.

Their website is incredibly well designed, and super intuitive. Even your parents would be able to figure it out! No really, I promise! In terms of e-commerce there’s a wide variety of products available. On top of all their award-winning coffees, there are numerous coffee and brewing accessories that can be very helpful. The checkout process is very smooth and you even have the option of getting a subscription so you can receive your coffee on a regular schedule without having to think about it.

But there is a wealth of information available on the site beyond being just a simple e-commerce store. You can see that a lot of thought went into it and it’s a sometimes-overlooked detail that I appreciate. I enjoy reading the backstory of the company, and particular like getting to know all the farmers who helped produce my coffee. All the information really gives me the sense that I know who I’m buying from.

All in all, they are a provider of great coffees, who are following completely ethical business practices. I really don’t know what else there is to say other than try the Esperanza Natural, it’s been one of my favorites.

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