El Obraje Gesha Colombia by PT’s Coffee Roasting

Name: El Obraje Gesha Colombia

Roasting House: PT’s Coffee Roasting

Website: ptscoffee.com

Origin: Hacienda El Obraje, Nariño Colombia

Roast Type: Light

Cost: $27.50 for 227 grams

Cost Per Gram: 12.1¢

Another incredibly rare delight from one of the world’s premier roasting houses. El Obraje Gesha Colombia is grown at extremely high altitudes, 6,545 feet, making for one of the most complex and flavorful coffees available. This light roast features prominent notes of lime which are accented with distinct lilac and lychee profiles. The high altitude gives is a notable brightness derived from it’s very high acidity content. This high acidity gives it a satin finish which is very smooth on the way down your throat, with a gentle undertone of passion fruit as it passed over your tongue.

PT’s are one of our favorite roasters, not just because of the fantastic coffees they produce, but also because of their ethical business practices. They form long lasting relationship with farmers and much of their coffee is sourced via direct trade with those very farmers. The limited production run of many of their coffees make them an extra special treat to be savored.

The website is great, accepts all major credit cards, and even features a subscription option so you can get your coffee on a regular schedule.


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