Best Decaf K Cups

For many of us, enjoying a cup of coffee in the late afternoon can lead to a sleepless night. Fortunately there is a very large variety of decaffeinated coffees available in the K-Cup version. A large number of roasters offer different types of decaffeinated coffees to suit all tastes. There is a choice of everything from dark roasts to medium and light roasts in the decaf variety in addition to some flavored ones as well. There is sure to be a decaf out there that will suit your personal likes.

However, before you get all excited and decide to try several in a single evening some words of caution. Not all decaffeinated coffees are free from caffeine altogether. Many decaffeinated coffees contain some caffeine. According to a study carried out by the University of Florida, a 16 ounce cup of drip brewed, decaffeinated coffee contained from 8.6 to 13.9 milligrams of caffeine. However, do not let that little research deter you, many decaf coffees taste so good that you may want to give up the caffeinated brew altogether! Below is a list of some of the best decaf K-Cups available, and the list is by no means complete, there are plenty of others you can discover on your own.

Starbucks Decaf:

For now Starbucks unfortunately has no decaf K Cup provision. Don’t try to find them, and if you did, make sure to contact me and let me know! I will have this section updated if they ever release them.

Caribou Coffee K Cups:

  • Caribou Blend Natural Decaf – The signature blend makes use of robust Indonesian beans impeccably balanced Central and South American varieties for fruity tones to yield cup of coffee with syrupy, clean taste. While the complexity is in the cup is limited, it still makes for a passable decaf option.

Timothys Coffee:

  • Rainforest Espresso Decaf (Extra Bold) – Intended for those who prefer strong coffee, this full-bodied blend with a sweet, smooth taste will deliver the punch but hold back the caffeine.
  • Columbian Decaf – Totally fee of caffeine, this medium-bodied Columbian coffee retains plenty of flavor to make you forget that it is a decaf!
  • Timothy’s Decaf Hazelnut – Made from one hundred per cent Arabica beans but artificially flavored with hazelnut, this mild tasting coffee produces a nice aroma and a light flavor.

Tullys Coffee:

  • French Roast Decaf – Rich with earthy flavor and just a hint of smoky finish, just what one would expect from a French roast. The dark roast is perfect for those who want the strong flavor minus the caffeine.House Blend Decaf – Full of flavor that is a bit spicy and bright without any after taste, this is one decaf that must be tried. Some even venture so far as to say that it is better than the caffeinated counterpart.

Coffee People:

  • Donut Shop Decaf – This extra bold, meaning it contains more coffee compared to the quantity found in a typical K-Cup, is a medium roast. It hits the spot just right without being bitter or too watery. Made from 100% Arabica beans and is Orthodox Union Kosher certified.

Gloria Jeans Coffee:

  • Hazelnut Decaf – A medium body and acidity coffee with a smooth finish and a hint of hazelnut. Excellent aroma while brewing, however some users claim it lacks flavour in the cup.

Van Houtte Coffee:

  • Decaf Extra Bold Medium – The “extra bold” is a reference to the greater amount of coffee in the pod. The taste of the coffee is full bodied with lots of flavour and subtle tones of hazelnut. There is no chemical aftertaste either. An overall pleasant flavor.
  • Decaf Swiss Water (light roast) – A smooth, sweet coffee with woody nuances coupled with nutty undertones. Not for individuals who prefer strong coffee and is limited in the character department as well. Does have a nice acidic kick to it though.
  • Decaf Hazelnut – A light roast flavored with a blend of vanilla and grilled hazelnuts and highly aromatic. It makes a fine cup of coffee with respectable amount of body unfortunately there is a hint of chemical aftertaste.

Wolfgang Puck:

  • Reserve Colombian Decaf – A medium roast coffee processed using the Swiss Water process from 100% Arabica beans. It produces a sweet lively cup of coffee without the caffeine.

Green Mountain:

  • Dark Magic Decaf (Extra Bold) – A dark roast that is full of intense flavor with a complexity similar to the original minus the caffeine. An exceptional cup of decaf coffee.
  • Vermont Country Blend Decaf – This sweet tasting coffee with tones of flowers, berries and chocolate should hold extra appeal for people with sensitive stomachs who can’t tolerate the acid in addition to the fact that it lacks caffeine. A good blend, very similar in flavor to its caffeinated counterpart.
  • Breakfast Blend Decaf – This blend is rather mild yet with a rich taste and nominal acidity. An exceptional blend for those who enjoy mild coffee with nominal acidity.
  • Newman’s Own Organic Special Decaf – An outstanding roast with generous complexity, with the decaf version tasting just as good as its caffeinated counterpart. This blend is a combination of dark and medium roasts and offers a taste that is both rich and mellow at the same time.

Emeril’s Decaf:

  • Emeril’s Jazzed Up Decaf – This blend is extra bold with full body and tones of chocolate. The lack of caffeine makes it ideal for consumption throughout the day, but be warned it is rather strong with somewhat burnt after taste.

Decaffeinated coffees are no longer limited in their roasts, flavors or origins and types of beans used in creating them. While many people consume decaffeinated coffee because they have to, at least they can relish in the fact that there are plenty of options to select from.

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