El Socorro Pacamara Honey by PT’s Coffee Roasting

Name: El Socorro Pacamara Honey

Roasting House: PT’s Coffee Roasting

Website: ptscoffee.com

Region: Finca El Socorro, Guatemala

Roast Type: Light

Cost: $22.50 for 340 grams or $146.25 for 5 lbs

Cost Per Gram: 6.6¢ or 6.4¢

Like so many of the coffees provided by PT’s Coffee roasting, this is another beautiful, direct trade coffee which is grown at elevation (5,750 feet). As we all know, Light roasts are highly sensitive to their growing conditions and this is another variety that doesn’t disappoint! The raw beans produce a lovely aroma reminiscent of dried fruit with hints of cocoa. Once brewed, you’ll be wowed with a robust bodied brew with a buttery smoothness that coats your mouth. You’ll immediately be hit with the strong overtones of prune, and honeyed almonds before rounding out with a return of the dried fruits, most notably, date, and fig. The finish is smooth and leaves a maple syrup aftertaste long after it’s gone. This particular blend owes much of its uniqueness to the fertile volcanic soil in which it is grown.

PT’s Coffee Roasting is among the best roasting houses we’ve come across. Their fair trade coffee is bought directly from the cultivators, ensuring the proceeds go to those putting all the love and attention into the beans. Their website is very well designed and accept all major credit cards as payment.

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